As of May 2023


My name is Sarah Milkowski and I am a passionate darts player and darts influencer from Germany. I'm one of the few German women who take part in international darts competitions and have already achieved some success as a player. In addition, I share my love for darts on my social media channels, where I've built up a large fan base as the leading darts influencer in Germany and Europe.




Follower: 54,2 k

Reach: 681 k accounts reached (last 30 days)

Like-Follower-Ratio: 4.48% (Similar accounts have 0.74%)

Views on Instagram Stories: 6 k - 11 k Views



Follower: 14 K

Reach: 823 K Accounts reached (Last 30 Days)

Like-Follower-Ratio: 3,11%


 @sarahmilkowska - 10,5 Tsd. Follower

Ratio of comments to likes: 2.99 comments per 100 likes (Compared to the average of 1.2 comments per 100 likes for the accounts of the same size.)

Average views per post: 17.5K (90% of posts on the "For You" page)


 @sarahmilkowska - 12,5 Tsd. Follower
  • International

    I value international understanding, so I run my channels in English. My followers are mostly from Germany 34%, Great Britain 25%, Belgium 6%, Netherlands 5%, Austria and USA 3% cross-platform.

  • Broad target group

    By using different platforms, I reach a large number of people who are interested in darts. The majority of my followers are between 25 - 34 with 36%, between 35 - 44 with 31%, and the 18 - 25 year olds and 45 - 54 year olds with about 8% each.

  • Gender

    Darts is still a male-dominated sport. My followers are predominantly male across platforms at 96%, with the number of female followers generally improving as followers have increased.

WHY @sarahmilkowska?

Since the beginning of 2019, I have been regularly providing my followers with content from my darts life.

I would like to raise awareness for our beloved sport, so that we move further and further out of our niche and become a popular sport.

I am involved in education (what is darts anyway), player support and assistance with registrations, e.g. at the PDC.

I talk about my experiences with products, at tournaments, mental health and the natural pressure to be in the public eye of darts.

Feel free to follow me on the different platforms and continue on the path together with me!

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