Many thanks to my sponsors! Without your generous support, I would not be able to pursue my goals and dreams. I am grateful for your help and support on my way to success.


    BULL'S stands for an extensive range of darts from darts to dartboards and various accessory products. Developed in 1992 by Embassy Sports, the brand is known for its player and tournament sponsorship. All products are developed in Germany.

  • LetsPlayDarts GmbH

    Whether you have discovered the sport of darts, want to improve your game or are looking for a suitable event for your employees, we are exactly your partner to achieve your goals and ideas!

  • Die Gedankenexpertin

    Die Gedankenexpertin helps people to exploit their potential and increase their performance through targeted darts mental training. The thought expert supports them in overcoming negative thought patterns in order to achieve their goals.

  • Touch of Fire

    Touch of Fire

    Touch of Fire is a family business from Marbug specializing in unique rings. Due to the special gold alloys made from recycled old gold, each ring is unique.

  • SVB Kurze

    The expert office Kurze locates problems through competent and technically sound analyses and creates solution concepts not off the shelf, but individually and tailored to each customer. It doesn't matter if it's damage to your building. Whether mold or dampness is your problems. The expert office Kurze and its team are ready to help.