The Sapphiredarts Trophy is a unique darts tournament launched in July 2022 by Lukas & Sarah Milkowski.

Our vision was born during the corona pandemic, when we wanted to develop a tournament that would bring together both: professional PDC players and amateur players. It is intended to provide a platform on which players of all generations can compete with each other in a casual and informal manner – in contrast to conventional association tournaments.

In the 2022 edition of the Sapphiredarts Trophy, we have already seen impressive numbers of participants, and for the 2023 edition, we expect even greater interest.

The Sapphiredarts Trophy offers not only exciting darts competitions, but also a comprehensive experience for all darts fans and their families. In addition to the tournament, we have various exhibitors on site, including innovative companies such as "WeDarts" with their new automatic scoring system and "Tripple20Shoes" with their brand new darts shoes. 

In addition, we enable our participants and visitors and those who cannot be there to watch the matches of the tournament via our livestream on Twitch. The best moments will also be presented on our YouTube channel.

Photos by Shanice Taubert and Clarissa Tresp


Gold winner

2023 - Nico Blum

2022 - Jermaine Wattimena

Silver winner

2023 Christian Riedl

2022 - David Jeske

Bronce winner

2023 - Jörn Tenbrink

2022 - Florian Menzel

Copper winner

2023 - N/A

2022 - Julian Huinink

Beste Dame

2023 - Steffi Lück

2022 - Steffi Lück

SAPPHIRE DARTS TROPHY 2022: Sommer, Sonne, Darts! by Ollisdartgarage