L-Style - L-Shaft Locked TwoTone

L-Style - L-Shaft Locked TwoTone

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L-Style L-Shaft Locked TwoTone 


The L-Style L-Shafts Locked TwoTone are made of extremely stable plastic, which ensures great durability. The precise workmanship of the L-style shafts convinces them with a firm hold in the barrel and with the easy installation of dart flights.

The L-Shafts from L-Style have already integrated integrated flight protectors when taking the flight, which ensure that flights from the bottom are less damaged. This is particularly advantageous if darts are already in the board and your darts are grouped closely. Here, the incoming darts are spared because the flight protector of the shaft absorbs the greatest power of the darts and the flight does not get the full force. Furthermore, dart flights fall to the ground much less often.

The flight admission of the L-Style L-Shafts is optimized for the Shell Lock System with Shell Lock Caps as well as for Champagne Flights. Because the admission is a little more open than with conventional shafts, which ensures a comfortable mounting of dart flights. In addition, both Champagne Rings and Shell Lock Caps fit perfectly on the L-Style shafts.

The "Locked" L-Shafts have a fixed flight holder that does not turn. Every L-Shaft from L-Style comes with a color-matched set (3 pieces) of Champagne Rings, which is required for the Champagne Flights Pro. 

  • High quality plastic shafts from L-Style
  • Integrated flight protection when taking a flight
  • Precise and clean processing
  • Flight recording optimized for Champagne Flights and Shell Lock System
  • 1 set of champagne rings (matching colors) is included