About me

Name: Sarah Milkowski
Birthday: 7. February 1992
place of birth: Düsseldorf
Darts: One80 Sarah Milkowski "Sapphire" 22g Steeltip
Throwing hand: right
Is playing Steeldarts in league operations since: September 2018
Is playing Softdartsin league operations since: February 2017

Tournament experience:

  • Cologne Open I 2019
  • NWDV RLT Steinfurt 2019
  • DDV RLT Steinfurt 2019
  • DDV RLT Hamburg 2019
  • NWDV RLT Geldern 2019
  • NWDV RLT Köln 2019 (3rd place)
  • NWDV RLT Steinfurt (5th place)

Since the beginning of 2019, I have been regularly providing my followers with content from my darts life. I have now reached a great community of over 16000 followers on Instagram, with a bit more than a year of active darts content, which I am very happy about and of course very grateful for. Contrary to my expectations, it seems that some people are interested :-)

I would like to further expand my reach and can now also be found on Twitter and Facebook. In the future there will also be a YouTube channel.

Since the end of September 2019 I have been a member of Team One80 around Deta Hedman, Ron Meulenkamp, ​​René Eidams and many more.

At the end of February my own One80 player darts came on the market.

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